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New drawings

Sun Feb 11 11:39:23 EST 2007

I just realised that it has been ages since I updated my website. I got a chance to scan in some more of my drawings, they're in the art section. The first looks something like an "Angry Chicken", see the gritted teeth, squint and coxcomb. The second is a blob with a cheesy grin.

Looking at my referer logs I seem to be getting a fair few hits from people who like my drawings - this is good! Slightly less good is the fact that a few of them hotlink the large versions of the pictures and use them as backgrounds for their MySpace pages. My bandwidth on this host is pretty limited (1GB/month), so if you're one of these people could you please make a local copy instead.

The most popular images seem to be my smiley logo and the hands picture. I also get the first hit on google images for "red dragon symbol" and on the first page for "dark hands".



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