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Thu Sep 28 08:25:57 EST 2006

Just bought my first mobile phone ever - a cheap "Pay as you go" (UK) or "Prepaid" (AUS) Nokia 1112. Basic phone, no camera, 4MB memory (can't seem to access it to upload applications), just phone calls and text messages.

Text messages are 140 byte Short Message Service (SMS) format and can be a link to the internet through SMS gateways.

A few links:

To use any of the gateways a computer connected to the phone network is needed. I still don't have a land-line at home, but Vodaphone seems to have reasonable deals on [GPRS], so that may be an option to connect my laptop to the internet, and through that my phone.

Project: look up GPRS charge rates in various countries, see what the cost of bandwidth is like.



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