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More wireless fun and games - DNS

Wed Aug 30 10:39:08 EST 2006

As I mentioned yesterday, connecting to the wireless network is a three stage process: load the kernel module for the wireless card, get a DHCP lease, connect to the VPN, plus the extra step of logging in to a NetCheck account through the web if you want to access things outside Griffith. This works well ... for about half an hour. Then the DHCP lease expires and is renewed, in the process replacing the good nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf (i.e. the ones that can be accessed through the VPN) with the default nameserver for first getting wireless access, which redirects everything the the Griffith Wireless webpage. Fortunately this problem has been solved at [Logging onto a (Microsoft) Wireless VPN using PPTP-Client].

The solution is to edit /etc/dhclient.conf and add the line

prepend domain-name-servers,;

Comment out this line if using wireless outside Griffith.



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