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The Constructivist Manifesto

Sun Aug 27 22:23:15 EST 2006

There are always going to be things that you consider not to be the way the world should be. You can either try to force the world to be as you want it by destructive acts, or constructively build the new capabilities that you require. Analyse the way the system works and build the devices to extend its capabilities or hide the undesired complexities. Borrowing from the Hacker Manifesto, you shouldn't have to solve the same problem twice. After the first time you should have made something that solves the problem automatically.

Always identify why you are unhappy with life, don't just accept things as they are. Sometimes it is fine to be unhappy for the sake of it, but real conflicts between yourself and the world should be resolved. Change yourself to be in harmony with the world, change the world to be in harmony with yourself or accept the tension between the two.

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