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Mild moving panic

Thu Jul 20 08:37:47 BST 2006

I just realised that in a month I will be on a plane back to Australia. During the next month I need to

  • Buy the plane ticket
  • Finish packing at home and at lab
    • identify things that I cannot live without during the two months+ that my stuff is being shipped
    • get a friend with a car to help move my stuff from home to lab, so I can get it all picked up by the shipping company at the one place
  • Catalog papers and get electronic copies or references to them
  • Arrange accommodation in Brisbane
    • or sort out some friends or relatives to stay with for a week or so (still need shipping address for boxes though)
  • Admin stuff with the university here, bank accounts etc
  • Change email addresses for facebook, the arXiv, PRL to my gmail or personal address
  • Finish revision of a journal article for resubmission
  • Modify my calcium-40 optical Bloch equations program to deal with calcium-43
  • Help out on getting the new entanglement experiment up and running

Too much to do!



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