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Entangled light from a single cold atom

Tue May 30 09:02:02 BST 2006

[quant-ph/0605231] [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

  • Title: A single cold atom as efficient stationary source of EPR-entangled light
  • Authors: David Vitali, Giovanna Morigi, Jürgen Eschner
  • Abstract: The Stokes and anti-Stokes components of the spectrum of resonance fluorescence of a single trapped atom, which originate from the mechanical coupling between the scattered photons and the quantized motion of the atomic center of mass, exhibit quantum correlations which are of two-mode-squeezing type. We study and demonstrate the build-up of such correlations in a specific setup, which is experimentally accessible, and where the atom acts as efficient and continuous source of EPR-entangled, two-mode squeezed light.

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