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OTP behaviours from the man pages

Wed Apr 19 17:03:38 BST 2006

  • gen_server A behaviour module for implementing the server of a client-server relation.
  • gen_fsm A behaviour module for implementing a finite state machine.
  • gen_event A behaviour module for implementing event handling functionality. The OTP event handling model consists of a generic event manager process with an arbitrary number of event handlers which are added and deleted dynamically. Each event handler is implemented as a callback module exporting a pre-defined set of functions.
  • supervisor A behaviour module for implementing a supervisor, a process which supervises other processes called child processes. A child process can either be another supervisor or a worker process. Worker processes are normally implemented using one of the genevent, genfsm, or gen_server behaviours. The supervisor is responsible for starting, stopping and monitoring its child processes. The basic idea of a supervisor is that it should keep its child processes alive by restarting them when necessary.



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