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Trust and databases

Tue Jul 25 21:08:46 BST 2006

Each person has data associated with them which defines who they are and what they have done. Knowledge of this data allows prediction of future actions or verification of past actions. Consider a national DNA database that can be used for law enforcement. The idea is that once a person is arrested for any crime their details are placed in the database, allowing identification of that person if they commit a crime in the future. The arguments for this system are that it is beneficial for society to punish criminals, and that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide.

Security researcher [Bruce Schneier] presents a very good argument against a system such as this: we should not have to justify why we do not want our data to go into the database, rather the entity running the database should have to prove why they can be trusted with our data. (...)

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Movie plot terror threats

Thu Apr 20 11:38:03 BST 2006

Bruce Shneier announces a "movie plot terror threat" contest




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