I draw a bit in my spare time. Originally I used a Uniball eye micro ink pen (UB-150, 0.2mm width) for the drawings, although I have been experimenting with new techniques for a while now. Most of the larger images are done on A4 paper with a permanent marker, this seems to work better for scanning. Also it is easier on my wrist. Since I began putting my drawings on the web I have also been trying different post-processing schemes for example adding colour.

Until a few years ago I mainly drew doodles that had a uniform line density. These work well as website backgrounds once the contrast is reduced so that the lines don't stand out too much. I prefer dark backgrounds with light text, as is fairly obvious from the design of this website . It is also possible to combine the drawings with a light colour to give a light background, see the Keble MCR website for an example.

Small images that are suitable for tiling as a website background are shown in the Tilings link above.

Recently I have tried varying the line density to act as a form of shading and hence represent objects. The links at the top of the page go to these drawings with a commentary, as do the thumbnails above.

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